If a photograph speaks a thousand words, a video speaks a whole book! That is why we are so committed and excited to add video to our product range. A video is quick, and a lot of information can be captured and conveyed in just a matter of minutes. It can also be immediate. Agri TV is a live streaming and video-on-demand platform that provides the agricultural industry with the capability of running its own live streaming channel. Agri TV is a hosted on the well-known Digi TV platform. Digi TV was founded in 2010 and is the biggest producer of local content on the African continent. They have live- streamed more than 1 200 hours of content per month through their 57 strategically located studios around South Africa.

Agri TV is a product of AgriConnect and we aim to provide a visual media platform for agricultural industry role players to spread information accurately in their own voice. We pride ourselves on being professional and providing content in a timely fashion. Unlike other general video-platforms on the internet, our platform allows you to manage your content and ensures that your audience only sees the content you made available to them. This will enhance their viewing experience, focus your communication, and they are not clouded by content of competitors, ensuring that you get your message across. You can upload your own content or contract us to produce new content.

Fast Facts

FORMAT: VGA: 1280 x 1024, 24 bits (1920 x 1080)


VIEWERSHIP: A platform worthy of 100 000 viewers


FREQUENCY: Daily/Weekly

Our service offers several interesting advertising opportunities:

At Agri TV, we provide an online digital channel service for agricultural industry role players to connect with their audiences.

Revolving banners

  • 4 revolving banners available on the home page with 6 ad spaces each
  • 4 revolving banners with 6 ad spaces each available on each of our 40 different categories pages

Live streaming

  • We offer virtual conferences
  • Virtual meetings with online registration and voting
  • Live streams

Training videos and general recording

  • We can do online interactive training courses (live or per recording)
  • We produce marketing videos for training courses
  • We can produce marketing videos in studio, or onsite recordings

Online programmes

Livestock Report, Agri News, Pieter se Perspektief, and Profit farming TV

  • Programme sponsor (intro- and outro)
  • 30 second advertising videos between inserts
  • Two minute programme inserts

Specialised programmes

  • Exclusive programme sponsor (intro- and outro)

Social media exposure